North Dakota, Bitcoin & Claude Brooks

Today, Justin Glasser, North Dakota Automated Vehicle Collaborative, provides updates on developments in autonomous transportation; Jerry Ketterling, Cybernet Security, L.L.C.  makes a case for Bitcoin; and Claude Brooks, creator of “Hip-Hop Harry,” advises parents on how to choose apps for kids.

Claude Brooks & HIP HOP HARRY

Claude Brooks is no stranger to television entertainment. His background as a TV producer made it easy to create an educational kid’s show called Hip Hop Harry. With the help of his family, Claude created a show for kids that focuses on healthy living, imagination, creativity and friendship through hip-hop songs. The series is musically based and includes dance to entertain and educate about social, emotional, and physical development.

Children as young as two know how to navigate their parents’ phones. Finding apps that have the right learning components is key. Claude offered some advice on selecting appropriate Apps for parents and kids. He advises parents to learn about measures to safeguard against access to inappropriate material. Parents can help their children choose the right Apps for entertainment. Using App monitoring tools can help a parent safeguard their child. Claude notes older kids tend to be more interested in social media. He advises parents to talk with their kids about protecting their privacy. The Internet can be a safe, learning tool kids of all ages. Setting boundaries and rules are important. Parental participation is the most important factor to keeping all children safe on the Internet.

North Dakota Goes AUTONOMOUS

Justin Glasser came by to discuss efforts to bring autonomous vehicles to the Peace Garden State. He spoke initially of the recent round table discussion of the subject at the University of Mary in Bismarck. Industry professionals convened from around the state to talk about security, agriculture and manufacturing, infrastructure and other concerns related to autonomous transportation. Among the major challenges addressed: how to regulate the new technology in a smart and sensible manner. John and Justin discuss the importance of educating the public about the possibilities and limitations of autonomous transportation.


Jerry Ketterling, Certified Security Information Specialist, Cybernet Security, L.L.C, talks about the history of cryptocurrency, starting with its birth in early-nineties. Bitcoin came along in 2009 as a reaction by the tech groups to the economic upheaval of the period. cryptocurrency stands out from our established monetary system in a number of ways. There is no central point with the monetary system. In order for currency to survive, only one computer is needed to re-establish the Block Chain. Virtual money has advantages found in the ease of transactions. Bitcoin you can deposit funds directly from one account to another, at a very low cost. Xapo is a common digital wallet.

There two ways to get into Bitcoin. One way is to download a crypto-wallet and learning the basic operations. The other way is to live in an area where Bitcoin is accepted as actual currency.

The disadvantage of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is volatility. The value has been known to fluctuate radically from one day to another. Bitcoins value stabilize in the long run. In Asia, it’s already considered common legal tender. In North America, its usability is on the upswing as more businesses build or join into Block Chain infrastructure.

Self replicating 3D printers, no steering wheel in new Google car, Bitcoin and SEO.

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Broadcast Date January 29,  2018  Episode 302

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