Pain Care Labs Offers Non-Opioid Solutions to Pain Relief with VibraCool

Pain Care Labs has developed a device known as the VibraCool. This revolutionary device uses external neuromodulation to change the way that the brain and nervous system transmit pain signals.

VibraCool uses vibration and temperature to effectively block pain. By doing this, the need for opioid pain medication from decreases and becomes more about pain management.

VibroCool Cryotherapy vibration packs come in a variety of sizes to fit different pain points. For example the VibraCool Flex is specifically for shoulder pain. In addition, the VibraCool Extend is for knee and head pain. Finally, VibraCool Easy Fit is for elbows and wrists. The device can use heat or cold packs depending on the type of injury.

This cool device is definitely one to watch in the future. It might be the solution to fight the opioid crisis across the country and world.

Pain Care Labs at CES 2019

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