People are spying on you via your smartphone. Concerned? You should be!

September 23, 2014
Protect your privacy with SnoopWall.

Protect your privacy with SnoopWall.

We have all done it.  Browsing the app store and you see something that looks interesting.  Then you notice it is free and in a few minutes you have it on your phone.  Have you ever thought about how they can afford to give away that app?

“Many legitimate companies will give away a trial version or a scaled down version in the hopes that you will purchase an upgrade in the future”, states the CEO of SnoopWall, Gary S. Miliefsky.  Milliefsky continues, “However, many companies who give away apps can only monetize their product by collecting and then selling your data”.

Many of these apps are very aggressive.  Collecting phone numbers, photos, email address, passwords and whatever else you enter.  Some even have the ability to turn on your camera.  This is why SnoopWall,, was developed.

The SnoopWall Privacy App protects you from unwanted intrusion.  Here are a few of the features that the app features as stated on their website:

  • Finds all the apps that are spying on you
  • Audits your favorite banking apps for security flaws
  • Discovers if your antivirus software actually works
  • Uninstall bad apps that are spying on you
  • Shows you which apps use webcam, bluetooth, gps, wifi, nfc, microphone and much more.
  • Another great thing to do for privacy and security is to add your content in encrypted folders with the help of NewSoftwares to protect your future data.

If you feel it is time to claim your privacy again, you will want to consider the SnoopWall Privacy App.  Available now in your app store.



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