These phone cases are strong, but don’t ask it to stop a bullet.

Evutec Case Models

Evutec Case Models

So I set myself back $50 for a case when I get my new phone.  This will protect your phone, the salesperson says.  Great, as I mumble to myself knowing it will last a month before I break it.  Yes, I am hard on my mobile devices.  With a travel schedule and work demands, my device is in my hands, which means it ends on the floor, crushed in my computer bag in the airport or on my late night pizza at the hotel.

So forgive me when I say when I received yet another case to “try” that I was even a little bit enthused.  Well, I can tell you know that the one word I have for the Evutec series of cases is simply WOW.

They have created a case for your smart device that uses Kevlar.  Yes, the same material used in bullet proof vests.  Their cases can take a beating.  I had actually dropped it into gravel that was being loaded into a truck.  The weight of the gravel alone should have destroyed the case.

Evutec,, manufactures a variety of styles and colors for your mobile devices.  Some of their cases are even made with an outer shell of bamboo, which it way beyond cool.  The minimalist approach is also welcome.  You hardly even notice that you have a case on your phone.

When I am using my bamboo covered iPhone 5s, it always seems to start a conversation.  People are always curious about it and are amazed when they hear that it has a layer of Kevlar built into it.  With that, Evutec has my thanks for keeping me in style and keeping my phone safe.

Available at and Apple stores.

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