Product Review – A Toast to Real Wood Gadget Covers

February 10, 2017

Toast is a company located in Portland, Oregon, that creates real wood skin covers for a variety of electronic devices. Founded in 2012 through a Kickstarter campaign with the help of 300 supporters, the company provides unique eco-friendly wood covers for cell phones, tablets and computers.

I was contacted by the team at Toast in hopes I would do a review of their product. Since I’ve done several reviews on other products for my radio show The Tech Ranch, I thought I would give this product a try too. I was skeptical at first because I am not a phone-case or phone skin kind of person. I especially was afraid of permanently sticking anything to my phone. What if I didn’t like it and I needed to take it off? But, because I love everything techie, I provided the information for my HTC 1 (Model 9) cell phone and waited patiently for my phone case. In the mean time, I visited the website and researched the company and their products.

I received my phone case shortly after my conversation with the Toast team. As I opened the packaging of my new phone case I noticed the inscription “Guru of Geek” engraved into the wooden case. Wow factor! Even though I am widely known as the Guru of Geek, I don’t actually own many things that identify me as that. This was a very personalized case made just for me! I also noticed that product actually smelled like wood. I was aware the company advertised their product as being made of wood, so I was a curious to see whether or not that was true. Toast is the real deal. They actually provide personalized phone cases made of wood. Imagine what that does for the environment!

The moment of truth came when I finally decided to attach the skin to my smart phone. I pulled out the instructions and began reading. Basically it was a one, two, three step process. Peel, align, stick. The template of the phone was cut out exactly how the skin would fit over my phone. Cuts were pre-made to make sure the skin was aligned perfectly with my phone. The biggest obstacle I faced was making sure the backing was to the edges before I folded the skin over each corner. To my surprise, this was easy. It took me about 4 or 5 minutes from start to finish. By the time I had finished, I looked at my new skin and realized that this was actually a high-quality product. Toast even allows for a few mistakes during application of the case. As long as you avoid firmly pushing the skin to your phone, it can be removed easily and reapplied.

Toast has definitely created something unique. The sleek design of the skin is amazing. In fact, the skin is part of the phone with added protection without using a bulky case. It’s slim, light-weight and easily held while I’m talking on the phone. I especially love the personalized woodwork. I am still amazed that this company was able to take wood and make it into a phone skin without plastic! They must be using the best drum sander available (check out these top drum sanders reviewed).

Toast has a variety of options to choose from when buying their products. They not only make wood cases, they also make leather cases. Phone skins range from $30.00 to $69.00 (more if you want more detailed engraving). Either way, I think $30.00 is a fair price for a high-end phone skin beautifully crafted and made with an environmentally safe product.

The only drawback I found with the case is that I’m not sure how difficult it will be to remove. I haven’t tried. I like it so much I have no plans to remove it. The instructions say that the steps are easy and there should be no issues with the adhesive sticking to your phone. Sadly, the phone skin is not reusable. Once you remove them, you are no longer able to use them again. With that said, Toast certainly gets my seal of approval.


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