Life’s A Raht Race

December 29, 2017
raht racer, technology news articles, racing technologyOn this episode of The Tech Ranch, “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson and “Tech Geezer” Jim Walsh continue the discussion from the last week’s show about where technology is headed in the upcoming years. Today, they welcome special guest Rich Kronfeld, CEO/Founder, Kronfeld Motors, to talk about one of the most fascinating products today.

Meet the Raht Racer 

Rich Kronfeld began an entertainment career as a young child by selling movie tickets out of his parent’s garage on trading, Tap here to read the article. He later advanced his skills by writing and selling screenplays in Hollywood. He appeared in two  Paramount films, was a producer for Comedy Central and won an Emmy Award for producing a children’s’ series. If being in showbiz has taught Rich anything, it’s knowing the importance of showmanship and new ideas. Lately, Rich has moved away from the entertainment industry and started moving towards a career in technology by starting his own company called Kronfeld MotorsKronfeld Motors is not your typical motor company that creates vehicles for purchase in a car lot. Instead, the company is focused on creating the Recharging Anthro-Hybrid Transport, otherwise known as the Raht Racer.

The Raht Racer is the first electric, highway safe cycle vehicle. Built with pedals like a bicycle, the Raht Racer applies the technology of a built-in generator-accelerator system that allows you to pedal up to 100 mph. Unlike a conventional pedal bike that has the pedals attached to the wheels, the Raht Racer pedals are attached to a battery. The motion of pedaling causes electricity to move to the battery to boost speeds, resulting in electricity flowing through the system that results in faster speeds. The hybrid is ran by the driver’s own energy. However, there is also a throttle attached on the steering wheel if you don’t feel like pedaling. Amazingly, the Raht Racer is considered to be extremely safe. It has a reinforced fiberglass body, a roll cage, seat belts, air bag, DOT automotive grade lighting, a stable suspension and anti-lock brakes. The Raht Racer is going to be the commuter vehicle of the future!

Tech Ranch Bytes and Bits

Lithium battery operating in AustraliaElon Musk, CEO and Chairman, Tesla, recently delivered the world’s largest lithium RV Battery to South Australia. This is the first time clean wind energy can be stored with enough energy to power over 30,000 homes.

Alexa for Business – Amazon has added a new feature to the latest models of Alexa. Businesses are now able to conduct business conferences using the device.

Facebook Customer Chat Plugin – Facebook Messenger Platform now offers a plugin for companies to integrate their Facebook page Messenger into their website. This feature allows customers to interact with businesses on a more personalized level.

Bitcoin – Bitcoin came onto the currency scene as crytocurrency worldwide. Initially, the anonymous purchased shares sold for around $130. Today, they are worth thousands of dollars. People who invested in Bitcoin have made a fortune. You can visit this website for more details

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Broadcast Date December 4,  2017  Episode 296


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