The technology of the past along the Missouri River.

Aaron Barth and Erik Sakariassen on The Tech Ranch

So what do North Dakota and technology have in common? For some, looking at Google maps is the first step to locate North Dakota. For others, like the Guru of Geek Marlo Anderson, it’s an exciting time in his home state. He knows first-hand how technology is playing an important role in everyday life.

North Dakota prides itself on open spaces, fresh air and friendly people. Anyone who visits the state will testify it’s an amazing place to be. Aaron Barth, executive director of the Missouri River Heritage Alliance and Erik Sakariassen, Development Director of MRHA are in studio to participate in the discussion..

As you travel back to the early travels of Louis and Clark and fast forward to a present day Mars habitat being built in the state, this episode has a few surprises hidden. Get ready to learn how North Dakota is leading the way in implementing technology into the history the state offers.

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Episode 359 – Aired March 11, 2019

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