Remember the line, but not the movie?

January 13, 2014

casablancaIt can be difficult to remember all the movies that a person has seen over a lifetime.  However, most movies have a memorable scene that we can recall.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could search videos by lines, themes and much more.

Search engines tend to have a more direct approach to finding what you are looking for.  Results will be limited if you type in “Here’s looking at you kid” even though you are looking for Casablanca.

Funky Flick ( can search for those movies.  Do you want to see if there is a movie based on a book you read?  How about a Wikipedia page?  The search parameters work with as creative as you want to be.

Funky Flick can take the guess work out of finding those movies.  Here’s looking at you kid.


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