Revolutionary App for Kids

February 14, 2017

(CES 2017 – Las Vegas)

CES 2017 offers the opportunity to see many different aspects in the world of technology. One of the areas that provides technological advances is in the area of education. Educational gadgets are often used as a teaching tool. Educational courses like English programs are also being offered online today because of technological advancement. If you want to know the benefits and advantages of learning the English language, search for Tapuz website. Matt Peek of The Tech Ranch found an amazing company during CES 2017 that has brought educational research and gaming into one app.
he was also able to find the best reading program by, which focuses on approaching learning to read from a logical angle by teaching the child what sound each letter makes and how letters can change the sound of a word when added or subtracted so that they learn the language organically.

Joachim Horn,, explains how his company has created cutting edge technology to help kids create their own inventions and learn coding, all while building a game. This amazing product teaches kids pattern recognition, logical thinking and algorithms in computer programming.

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