Revolutionizing 911 with Artificial Intelligence

In this episode of The Tech Ranch, Marlo Anderson interviews Adrien Ricci, the founder of HighWind Emergency Calls. Adrien shares how they have leveraged artificial intelligence to improve the emergency response process. Their app allows users to send pictures and information about their situation, along with their GPS location and medical history, to the 911 emergency call center.

What sets HighWind Emergency Calls apart is their patented AI system that pre-diagnoses pictures to determine the urgency of the situation. Adrien explains, “The AI directly will be able to identify, okay, this person is a critical one. It’s a vulnerable person, and you need to put the first responders on this one instead of taking all the calls at the same time.”

Marlo and Adrien discuss how this app can optimize emergency response not just for daily life but also for major events like natural catastrophes and terrorist attacks. Users can either have the app installed on their phone or call 911 and receive a text link to send pictures and information.

To learn more about HighWind Emergency Calls, visit their website at

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