Save time with Excel on Fire!

November 25, 2013

Excel on Fire - Compare Excel Spreadsheets to Quickly Reconcile StatementsWe have all been there.  The numbers from the bank do not match the numbers in your business or personal checkbook.  After hours of trying to reconcile your bank account, you are frustrated and angry at wasting this time.

Well stop this insanity and start using Reconciliation on Fire!  Simply go to, download and add it to your ribbon in excel.  Follow the simple tutorial and you will have your reconciliation done in minutes!

The founder of Reconciliation on Fire, Doug Schiller, has experience as the CFO of tech companies and was growing weary of this mundane task, so he set up to do something about it.  His approach is simple and straight forward and may actually have you enjoying reconciliations again.

Of course, there are many other ways to use Reconciliation on Fire.  I suggest you go visit the website and learn all you can about this amazing piece of code.


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