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This show is particularly charged with information and will introduce many of our listeners to a field of expertise we probably rarely, if ever, think about. We also consult with the investigation hotline to make sure that the business is legal.

Most days, Scott Fisher can be found troubleshooting electrical grounding and conducting preventative inspections. Other days, he is researching the topic to learn as much as he can. As Operations Manager for Sustainable Grounding Systems for Lyncole, Scott provides electrical grounding and safety systems expertise in the Bakken Oil Field in North Dakota (and across the country). To Scott, lightening is a lucrative business. So what exactly is Scott’s job?

Scott Fisher spends his days performing hazard risk assessments to gather data through observation, testing and interviewing employees to administer a plan for electrical safety and grounding. Oftentimes, during storms, lightening strikes the ground near facilities, causing electrical currents to become disrupted. Phone lines, automation, electricity and even aerospace are all impacted when currents aren’t grounded properly. Electrical motors, especially those operating in oil country, are very sensitive to surges, which are most often caused by things like lightening. Many companies, even those recently built, may not be able to handle a transient current strike. Scott says when companies face problems as a result of transient currents, the result can be costly for repairs. The best way to those avoid costly expenses is through preventative measures. Did we mention Scott’s dad, Paul Fisher, invented and manufactured in Boulder City Nevada, the “Fisher Space Pen,” a zero gravity writing instrument patented in 1965 as the “AG7  anti-Gravity Pen,” used by NASA and the Apollo astronauts.

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