See what the Astronauts see from the International Space Station as a Screen Saver.

ISS Screensaver

ISS Screensaver

The International Space Station has an amazing and changing view of our planet Earth every passing minute.  As an Astronaut, this view may get old but to those of us earthbound, looking at Earth from space is simply awe inspiring.

Thanks to a screensaver that you can find at, looking at planet Earth as seen from ISS is as simple as looking at your computer screen.  Simple download the software (adware free by the way), install it and enjoy.  A live stream from the ISS will grace your screen whenever your computer is idle.

Here is a statement from their website.

The International Space Station, also known as ISS has recently launched an experiment with High Definition cameras. The cameras aboard the ISS show Earth LIVE, as the ISS moves through space. The ISS screensaver shows the ISS live camera stream in its browser window, along with another browser showing the map of where the ISS is at any given time. You can click the window to show a menu to switch between views of the ISS camera and its tracker. You can also set one view inside another with the console button in the menu.

So for all of us that dream about going into space, the ISS Screensaver will help experience that dream just a little.


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