Senior Citizens Can Now Walk Smart

Another Data Breach

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The date industry is a big industry. New apps are introduced every day as a means to make life easier. Each time you download a new app, the chances of giving permission to use your personal data is extremely high. Facebook is in the hot seat for allowing private data companies to use personal data from their users profiles. Is it right to blame Facebook the problem that users should be already aware of? It’s not illegal for social media platforms to allow sharing of your data. Somewhere in the fine print of the agreement you checked it says it might happen. Ethically, it’s a problem that many people have never thought about up until now. Best advise The Tech Ranch can give is to be careful, read the fine print and understand “free” does not always mean it’s a good thing!

Walk Smart

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Peter Chamberlain, co-founder and President of Walk Smart, shares with listeners a product he developed to help senior citizens. Walk Smart is a walker designed to help the elderly track their fitness regime on a daily basis. Smart Walk not only tracks fitness of the owner, it also is an alert system that can warn of problems with the user, such as a person getting up in the middle of the night. Set up through a mobile app, Smart Walk gives a peace of mind to families and caregivers about the health family therapy of the Smart Walk users. The product is impressive and affordable. To learn more about Smart Walk and see pricing visit


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Broadcast Date March 26, 2018 Episode 310

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