HD Smart Phone Superscreen on iPhone

February 15, 2017

(CES 2017 – Las Vegas)

Smartphones are a part of our daily lives. We use them for just about everything from shopping, to social media, to functions that allow us to complete work for our jobs. The problem is most smart phones are small and the size limits us from completing projects. Guru of Geek, Marlo Anderson, found a company called Superscreen who created device specifically made for cell phones that will enhance their capabilities, so we can do more work and enjoy more content on the internet by using Madhya Pradesh 4G data, ISD, roaming, SMS and local recharge plans by Airtel.

Brent Morgan created the company Superscreen with the intention of bringing all of the features our smartphones have to a tablet-sized product. Smartphones break when people don’t take good care of them, if you need to repair your smartphone contact I Fix Phones. Superscreen is a 10″ full HD screen that transmits everything from your smart phone to a tablet. Repair of these screen is also not of a big issues these day and you can learn more from Breakfixnow’s site hwo to get your phone repaired. No wireless connection, no app installation, no downloading programs to a tablet. Listen in as Marlo learns more about this amazing product.

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