So you have a 3D Printer, now what?

December 29, 2013
Fire Truck drawing available for 3D Printing at

Fire Truck drawing available for 3D Printing at

3D printers are coming of age.  What seemed an improbable dream just a few short years ago has become a reality.  The possibilities in the fields of manufacturing, engineering, medical, food and much more are staggering.

Many of the consumer level 3D printers come bundled with software to create printable objects.  In order to create printable items, you will have to master the software.  This is an emerging field and jobs will be created for those who wish to design for 3D printing.

There are sites that also offer designs ready to download and print.  One such site is takes a unique approach and has all designs developed by professionals in this field.  The issue with other sites is that anyone can upload their designs for others to use.  Just like anything else, these designs provided by hobbyists etc. may be flawed.  All drawings are also done in .sla so any printer can use them.

You can take the drawings and print them or add them to your software for modifications. is also adding new drawings at a rate of 35 to 50 per month.

With all the choices available for 3D printers, software and templates, you simply need to do your homework.  When you factor in the cost of your time when creating your own drawings to that of purchasing low cost templates, you will realize what they sell is a bargain.

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