Solar Power and Cell Phones – a solution that makes sense

February 25, 2014
Some of the Enerplex line of products.

Some of the Enerplex line of products.

The sun is everywhere, which means we have a potential power source wherever we go.  The challenge is to find ways to use this energy source in a practical way.  One way that makes a lot of sense is to power our cell phones and smart devices.

Enerplex (, a product line from Colorado based company Ascent Solar has done just that.  Enerplex is a series of phone cases with photo voltaic cells built in.  The solar cells capture the suns energy and charges the battery that is built in to the high impact case.  The battery in the case can also be charged traditional as well.  In an emergency, you have that assurance of being able to make a call by simply using the power of the sun.

The Surfr line includes cases for iPhones and the Samsung Galaxy.  Their site states: thin, light, but also rugged not only does the Surfr provide your phone with extended battery life the hardened plastic case, reinforced with an aluminium frame will protect your phone from incidental drops and scrapes.  

After testing the Surfr on my iPhone, I am singing its accolades.  The increased battery life between charges is something I have actually become dependent on.  I can’t remember the last time I had to frantically search for a plug in at a coffee shop or airport just to charge my phone.

Enerplex also offers a backpack solution.  The EnerPlex Packr is a revolutionary solar integrated backpack, able to keep anyone charged up while they’re on the move. Equipped with a flexible and incredibly rugged integrated 3 watt solar panel, the Packr can power up most smartphones in under five hours and can charge almost any portable USB enabled device.

The other item I tested from Enerplex is the Kickr I consider to be one of the energy saving home solutions – a foldable solar power collector you can take with you anywhere.  The Kickr is perfect for those days hiking, at the beach etc. when you are away from power sources for an extended time.  Grab it along while traveling, as Mexico power sockets, for example, are the same as in the USA. I actually use it daily in my home to charge the many USB devices I carry (Bluetooth headset etc.).

Enerplex has solved some of the basic issues of powering our portable devices in our mobile world.  They have made my mobile life much easier.

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