Tech Talk on Google, Spectre & Flippy!

Making a phone call with Alexa has become a big deal. Spectre and Meltdown finally have a patch to repair vulnerabilities of the malicious software. A burger-flipping robot named Flippy has set up shop in Pasadena, California.

Patching Up Spectra & Meltdown

The vulnerabilities that leave your PC open to malicious activity finally have a patch. As mentioned in a previous show, Spectra and Meltdown are programs that enter your computer and slowly shut it down. The biggest threat of these vulnerabilities is your data is being stolen without realizing it. It’s important to remember these problems are not malware or a virus. Until newer, improved computer models come out, we will have to live with the patches available. The downfall of using the patch is your system will slow enough for you to notice. The “Guru of Geek” suggests changing passwords frequently will be the best protection against Spectra and Meltdown.

TidBits & More

Minority Report

The Xperia Touch projector is a keyboard that displays on any flat surface using laser technology. At a cost of $35, the keyboard works by movements of your hands. Watch for technology you’ve seen in movies like Minority Report. Life is beginning to imitate art in the tech world. If you need tech that actually helps you out, then check out

Alexa, Call Larry

Radio personality Larry “Lardawg” LeBlanc from 103.3 US Country, Bismarck, stopped by the studio to chat about his take on Daylight Saving Time and Alexa. Larry thinks time change always poses confusion for people. Many people feel time change is not needed because we live in a 24/7 world. Setting clocks seem to be redundant since our gadgets adjust the time change on their own.

Telephoning via Alexa is catching on. Dialing a friend is as easy as saying, “Alexa, call Larry.” Larry stated he uses Alexa a lot. He has found it valuable in answering important questions like, how old Lionel Ritchie is. Asking Alexa what people have been asking her is always entertaining for Larry. However, he says he isn’t interested in the call feature yet.

Google Glasses

Smart glasses are a hot topic in tech news. The ability to have a computer built into glasses is an amazing invention. Google Glasses haven’t made headlines in a while, but the product is still available and making a comeback. Business seems to be the main customer of the product and the company claims it is doing well, despite an exaggerated view of its failure. If you are interested in other types of glasses that you can use while on the computer, then check out these Felix Gray computer glasses that will protect your eye from harmful LED lights.

Flippy is on the Rise

Cue the Loony Tunes music. The burger-flipping robot Flippy is one the job in Pasadena, California. Flippy is a Miso Robot that is designed to work in the kitchen. Learning happens through repetitive tasks. The goal is to possibly replace human cooks. Similar ideas are being presented in the housekeeping field by the use of a robot name Roomba. We document everything with soda pdf.

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Broadcast Date March 12,  2018  Episode 308

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