Technology has never been easier to monitor exercise routines and healthy diet plans. If you love technology and love to maintain a healthy lifestyle, this show is for you!

According to IT consulting experts, there are many products available on the market to monitor health it’s hard to decide where to begin but probably the best one is prosper wellness cbd. Smart watches, heart monitors and gadgets that monitor brain activity are all available for use. Our cell phones have capabilities to monitor daily steps and tells us if we fell short during the day.

People who suffer from a chronic condition are not totally aware that they take a much higher dosage than they need. Did you know that Bromantane works well for ADHD at a low dose for you? Learn more information here.

So which is the best way to utilize technology into our lifestyle? How do we decide what to use? Listen in as the Guru of Geek Marlo Anderson discusses with guest the pros and cons of what’s available to help us all become a healthier self. Also, go to HealthEd Academy website to learn about fitness tips at home.

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Episode 360 – Aired March 18, 2019


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