Tesla, Byton & LG

February 15, 2018

Rockin’ Dave Blair is in the studio with Tech Geezer Jim Walsh on this episode of The Tech Ranch. “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson is still in Las Vegas for back-to-back shows. Last week it was CES 2018 and this week it’s PPAI 2018. Dave starts the show off by introducing listeners to Byton, the new electrical powered SUV-type vehicle.

Tesla v. Byton

Most people know the company Tesla is always in the news when it comes to electrical vehicles and installing help desk software, among other technologies. Other company’s struggle to compete with the amazing technology Tesla is known for. Until now. CES 2018 revealed thousands of new and innovative products. One of the biggest reveals at this year’s show was for a start-up company from China and their introduction to an electrical SUV. The Byton Crossover Concept was one of the most visited products during the show. This vehicle is very similar to vehicles Tesla is producing. Each company is going to provide an amazing vehicle. But the truth is, until one of these companies actually release their vehicles, consumers won’t really know. Now that Tesla has competition, they might decide to step up the release of their vehicle. Byton plan on beating the release date of Tesla, and provide the car at a cheaper price. Competition is grande.

The New Roll-Out T.V.

LG OLED 64″ TV sounds like geek rap lyrics made up by Rockin’ Dave and the “Guru of Geek”. Unfortunately, this duo will not be releasing an album any time soon. What they will be doing is waiting for the release of the world’s first roll-out 64″ T.V. by LG. Currently in prototype phase, the new T.V. was featured at CES 2018. A cost has not been decided as the company is currently working with investors and creators of the T.V. We all are going to have to wait a little bit longer to buy one.

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Broadcast Date January 15,  2018  Episode 300

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