The confusion of website marketing.

December 23, 2013
Online Marketing Princess Caroline Balinska

Online Marketing Princess Caroline Balinska

You need to advertise on google.  What about facebook?  Get those online advertising banners done.  There are so many things a company needs to do to help people find you online.  Where do you spend your time and your dollars for the best results and the help of companies as l.a seo experts could make a difference in all of this.

When looking for some of these answers I ran across the Online Marketing Princess, Caroline Balinska.  Caroline is an online marketing expert that is highly revered in then field at Search Engine Optimization.  Caroline decided to do something about all this confusion and developed a series of videos, and made their own card stock posters.

The 5 Day Video challenge includes:

How to work out who your client REALLY is

How to create banners for free 

Advice on all the best free Google tools for business

How to setup a Facebook business page properly

How to run an ad on Facebook

Caroline has made this video series available to all Tech Ranch fans for free.  Simply go to and sign up.  We are sure you will gain some great insights on how to market you website more effectivley

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