Restaurant Tab again.

Their Wine Bar has more of a tapas style menu, while their restaurant offers the full meal deal. Some fun things to try are their Bites, which are like baby tapas. We sampled the Baked Eggplant- marinated eggplant topped with baked tomato, caramelized onions and goat cheese. As well as their Smoked Fish Trio- served with pearl onions and miniature pickles. On Mondays they offer three Bite plates for $10!

Their restaurant has an awesome brunch selection. For a hearty start to your day, try their Smoked Salmon Benedict on corn pancakes, served with potatoes and fresh fruit. We noticed that the food was just as varied as their drinking options. Above and beyond what other restaurants provide. I asked the manager, who was kind enough to talk to us for a few minutes after learning I was writing this piece, about what it takes to keep a restaurant with such a varied selection up and running. To my surprise, he was a lot more candid about answering what I thought might be to prying a question. He told us that just recently they had to hire a grease trap maintenance service. They have to do this every so often apparently, both according to regulation and just to keep the place in actual working order. He apparently had to call them more often, given their wide selection.

The manager then gave us a rundown of Provenc

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