With The Guru of Geek Marlo Anderson on the move again, it’s up to Beth Schatz Kaylor and Tech Geezer Jim Walsh to guide you through this week’s episode of The Tech Ranch. Beth and Jim are joined by guest Lynn Wanner of the Bismarck Police Department. Today’s focus: how is technology utilized by law enforcement? Time to put CSI aside and join Beth and Jim as they figure out what tech is really like in law enforcement! 

Crime Fighting Tech

What kind of cool new gadgets are being used to capture bad guys? Is it some cutting edge new computer software? Well… not really, it’s social media! Lynn Wanner, a crime analyst and social media coordinator for the BPD, provides a little insight into the positive effects of social media. She also talks about the new ways the Bismarck PD handles tips, acquires information, and releases info to the public.

It wouldn’t be The Tech Ranch if it didn’t include advanced technology. Find out how police are using advanced robots, newly developed license plate readers, and more. Lynn also provides a few ways to get involved and experience some of the tech for yourself!

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Episode 369 – Aired June 17, 2019


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