There’s An App for That!

“Tech Geezer” Jim Walsh received some help to hold down the studio while “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson was out on travel in this episode of The Tech Ranch. “The Sheriff” Nicholas Ressler and his trusty side-kick “Snoop” Doug Philp made an appearance on the show by taking a break from their daily routines of fighting cyber-crime and Celebrating Every Day. The service from this site connects you with our network of trusted payday loan lenders so that you can get the online payday loan you need to cover urgent expenses. Of course, you could go to the local bank. You could also pawn some of your valuables, ask a relative for help or apply for yet another credit card. However, we are confident that you will look to us to help with your payday loan needs once you understand the benefits that we provide.
During the Guru of Geek’s hiatus, the trio did an excellent job discussing apps for smart devices. Cell phones have apps to help perfect your photos and text messaging allows you to complete a sentence without even writing. There seems to be an app for everything. There are even apps to make your apps better! Here are a few of the trio thought would make Marlo proud:
  • MoveAdvisor – This app will help you plan a move! It gives you tips on what you can do every day, from packing unnecessary things to scheduling a moving truck. If moving is stressful, MoveAdvisor might be able to help!
  • DropBox – This one-stop app will help you store all of your items on your desktop in one secure location. Never lose those photos or documents again when you can use DropBox as a virtual safe.
  • iBotta – This app helps you earn actual cash back when shop at stores! The program is easy and fun to use. Who wouldn’t want to get paid to shop? visit to learn more on how you can put a little extra cash in your pocket. Another popular app in this category is the Wal-Mart app, which helps you price check items in-store and earn cash back!
  • Weather Apps – Wouldn’t it be nice to know the weather 5 hours from now? Planning a picnic and not sure if it’s going to rain? No matter your location, it’s guaranteed you have access to local weather. To find yours, visit your app store and see what is available for your device. Or, simply find out if your local weather station has an app available. Our local favorite is the KX Storm Team weather app.
  • Swiss Army Knife for Android – This handy app was designed with the handyman in mind. It contains a flashlight, ruler, compass, calculator, leveler and more! So, if your ever in a position of forgetting a specific tool, just use your Android phone to help you!
  • Pakkage – Living in rural communities sometimes poses a problem when you need something quick. Pakkage is new and innovative app that will help receiving those packages faster than the post office. Whether you’re a sender or driver, the Pakkage App makes the process of sending and receiving packages easy and convenient. Though this app is in beginning stages and currently limited to North Dakota, we think it will be a success and hubs will be found everywhere!
  • Join the “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson, “Tech Geezer” Jim Walsh and “Miss Metaverse” Katie Aquino every week for a new episode of the Tech Ranch.

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Broadcast Date July 17, 2017  Episode 277

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