Tip for Tip Jar Dispenses Coupons With Each Tip for the Ultimate in Customer Appreciation

Tip for Tip Jar is a product that allows merchants to create and customize coupons on the company’s website, Tip for Tip. Amazingly, business owner’s can create coupons. Coincidentally, once an employee creates a tip, it becomes immediately available for printing and dispensing through the Tip Jar process feature.

Receiving the coupon is an interesting process. First, a motion sensor at the top of the jar detects coins and bills as deposits become available. Then, once detection is complete, the jar dispenses a coupon for the customer to enjoy.

The Tip of Tip Jar is available for a variety of uses. For instance, relaying positive messages to a business or specific employees. Most noteworthy, the product is an excellent idea for fundraising campaigns, charitable donations and even classroom behavior rewards. Above all, the coupon jar delivers a variety of original uses, all through the use of positive incentives,

Certainly, through the pay-it-forward attitude, the Tip of Tip Jar will enhance any business, as it delivers a Tip for a Tip to each customer!

Tip for Tip Jar

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