‘Tis The Season

December 21, 2017

The holidays are in the air today on The Tech Ranch. “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson, Rockin’ Dave Blair and “Tech Geezer” Jim Walsh are in the studio to discuss gift giving this Christmas season! Every year, the Guru of Geecasink shares his Christmas wish list to listeners on what he feels are the the best gadgets and techie gifts. This year, he is sharing his letter he wrote to Santa. Enjoy!

Dear Santa, 

I’ve been a good Guru this year!: I’ve worked super hard all year long. I think I’ve been kind and I’ve helped around the house. I even did the dishes once! This year for Christmas, I would like the following gifts

Nintendo Super NES Classic – This is a gaming system that mirrors the old Nintendo system I had in the 90s. It comes with a pair of replica controllers so I can play against Rockin’ Dave or The Tech Geezer. It has an HDMI support for crisp digital output so it will hook to my T.V. Plus, you get 21 vintage Super NES games, including the never-before-released Star Fox 2. So that means I can play Donkey Kong and the original Mario Brothers game for days! Just visit Casinospil.net for more details. If you want to enjoy an exciting game while earning money, click here this casino game online at www.wizardslots.com. You can visit legal platform for online casino gaming at https://clubvip777.com/web/happyluke/ .

Philips Hue Starter Kit -The Philips Hue system is the perfect gift for me so I can continue adding to my smart home. The lights come in a variety of color and brightness that I can control. It’s easy to install and I can control the lights from my phone! If I get these cool lights for Christmas, I will make sure they are on for you next year! That way you can see my house easier!

Amazon Echo – If I had this gift, I could do so much with it! Turn my lights on and off, check the temperature in my house (even when I’m gone) and I could listen to Christmas music all the time! Plus, when the grand kids come over we can play games and have a fun family night!

Google Daydream – The coolest Google gift EVER!! Santa, you know I love virtual reality! This gift would let me to play for hours and hours! And, it’s pretty cool looking too! I’ll be the envy of all the kids, I mean grown-ups, in the neighborhood!

Garmin Speak – I know you can see what I’m doing, so you already know I have a new vehicle. BUT, I think this would be cool to have anyways! I use my GPS on my phone all the time while I’m driving and this would help me get to my destination safer! I wouldn’t have to look at my phone at all! Plus, I can stream my music so I wouldn’t be messing with radio. Remember?!? Safety first!

Nintendo Switch – Just because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Nintendo everything, this would be awesome. I know I already have one, but wouldn’t it be cool to have another one in my house! Oh, and when the grand kids come over, they could all play! Please Santa!?! It’s a full-fledged TV game console that’s also a fully portable device with a gorgeous 6.2-inch screen and detachable controllers that support motion controls, for a range of experiences impossible on any other system. Imagine the fun!

DJI Spark – OMG! This is the coolest drone! If I had this drone I could learn to take better aerial photos! And, I could control it with my smartphone. It’s so small that I can bring it everywhere with me! Plus, Rockin’ Dave is asking for one too and we can fly together!

iRobot Roomba 980 Vacuum – I’m not sure why I need this. I already have a few. But, I do like a clean floor! I could add it to the others and make my carpets and hard floors look beautiful! Plus, the wife will be happy because she doesn’t have to clean! It has the latest sensor technology so it works great in all my rooms! We also hire Carpet Cleaning Baytown TX – Extravagant Restorations so that we can have the best quality cleaning every time.

BioLite CampStove 2 – Isn’t this cool!?!? I know I’m not the outdoorsy type, but i am techie and I thought I could pitch a tent this summer in my backyard to use this! The BioLite CampStove 2 burns wood and doubles as a camp stove for boiling water and much more. You’re the one who thought I should try new things. remember that time in the mall when I told you I wanted a new computer? You said that there are more things out there than electronics and suggested I should try something new, like maybe camping. Here’s my chance!

I will leave some milk and cookies on the table and some carrots for your reindeer. Plus, a holiday treat tray for your wife and elves when you return to the North Pole! Alice makes fantastic Christmas treats! Merry Christmas Santa! 


The Guru of Geek


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Broadcast Date November 20,  2017  Episode 294

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