Travel the World from Your Living Room with WheezyVR: A Chat with Jimmy Kunzil at CES 2023

September 13, 2023

In the modern age, the dream of traveling the world without leaving your home is no longer just a fantasy. Jimmy Kunzil, the brain behind WheezyVR, is on a mission to turn this dream into a reality for people around the globe. In an exclusive interview at CES 2023, Marlo Anderson, the Guru of Geek, caught up with Jimmy to talk about the genesis and the journey of WheezyVR.

The Birth of WheezyVR

Fueled by an insatiable love for travel and a desire to escape the confinements of his home during the COVID-19 pandemic, Jimmy conceived the idea of WheezyVR in September 2020. With the world grappling with travel restrictions, Jimmy sought out a virtual reality solution that would satisfy his wanderlust and realized the gap in the market for such a platform.

A Tour of WheezyVR

WheezyVR promises a travel experience like no other, bringing a 360-degree visual tour of various beautiful places globally. The app, available for free on the Met Quest store, not only allows users to explore enchanting destinations virtually but also assists in planning and booking their next vacation.

During the interview, Jimmy gives a live demonstration of how the WheezyVR app operates. Users can filter their experiences based on climate, explore information about different destinations, view hotels in 360-degree perspectives, and much more, providing a ‘try before you fly’ experience.

More Than Just a Travel App

Beyond just travel enthusiasts, WheezyVR extends its arms to individuals who are unable to travel due to physical or mental impairments, offering a refreshing mental escape. The app also finds utility in healthcare sectors, including elderly care homes and hospitals, allowing individuals to explore the world differently and virtually.

A Multifaceted Virtual Experience

WheezyVR offers various guided tours catering to different moods – whether you wish to relax at a beach, take a guided tour through London, or even experience skydiving, WheezyVR has it all. It transcends the traditional boundaries of travel, offering immersive experiences that cater to various interests and preferences.


As Marlo Anderson puts it, WheezyVR is indeed very exciting. It opens up a world of possibilities, bringing the joy of travel to individuals, whether they are adventure seekers, individuals unable to travel, or simply anyone looking to experience the world from a new lens. Discover the magic of virtual travel with WheezyVR.

To learn more about WheezyVR, visit their official website.

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