Unlocking Booth Success: Yehonatan Alfasi Unveils Theia’s Game-Changing Tech at CES 2023

September 7, 2023

Trade shows and exhibitions have long been the cornerstone of many businesses’ marketing strategies. However, ensuring genuine engagement with the right audience, despite the massive investments in booths, travel, and logistics, has often felt like a game of chance. Theia is poised to shift that narrative.

In an enlightening interview with Marlo Anderson of The Tech Ranch, Yehonatan Alfasi of Theia painted a vivid picture of the transformative power of their innovative platform. “People invest tons of money flying all the sales team, paying for the hotels, and then they get to the exhibition or the conference, only to find no leads and no conversion for sales,” Alfasi remarked. Theia’s solution empowers exhibitors to precisely target specific audiences. By setting desired profiles, from finance professionals to decision-makers or media reps, booths receive real-time alerts as potential leads come near.

The secret weapon? Theia’s cutting-edge facial recognition technology. Cameras, strategically positioned around the booth, keep a lookout for live foot traffic. When they spot profiles aligning with the exhibitors’ filters, an instant notification is sent out. “Whenever you see people that align with the filters you’ve created in the platform, we flag them and show you the notification,” shared Alfasi.

Marlo Anderson, the Guru of Geek, experienced the platform’s precision firsthand. As media, he would be promptly flagged, offering exhibitors the unique opportunity to proactively engage and make the most of each golden networking moment.

What sets Theia apart is its ability to transform what was once a passive exhibition experience into a dynamic, proactive, and highly rewarding venture. As Alfasi aptly emphasized, “When I know who you are, it’s much easier for me as an exhibitor to achieve my goals — be it more sales, enhanced engagement, or heightened media coverage.”

Whether you’re a seasoned trade show veteran or just getting your feet wet, Theia’s platform is set to redefine engagement strategy parameters. By seamlessly bridging the gap between exhibitors and their target audience, Theia heralds a new era in trade show success.

Ready to revolutionize your booth engagement strategy? Dive deeper into Theia’s avant-garde solutions at Theia Vision AI and ensure you catch the insightful interview with Marlo Anderson for a thorough exploration of this pioneering tech.

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