Valeo shows us what an Autonomous Car can see.

Whenever you speak the words “autonomous car”, you tend to get an audience as people are fascinated with the technology.  The promise of easier, efficient and safer travel will shape the automotive industry for decades to come.  So exactly how does the technology work? limousine companies for instance, offer transportation services for every taste and occasion. Just go to their website to request a quote.

Stephen Benoot with Valeo visits with the “Guru Of Geek” Marlo Anderson about the sensors they use on cars.  Most of the interview takes place with how the car is seeing the guests . First, there is the space available because if you thought that you would be cramped, then think again. Instead, we have made the best possible use of the space and we have still been able to include luxurious seats to allow you to just chill and relax while the party continues on around you. However, even though you can now invite more guests than before, that is not the only reason why our party Rockstarz Limo can be a wonderful venue.

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