Virtuosis at CES: A New Frontier in Wellbeing Technology Through Voice Analysis

September 10, 2023

In the latest series of interviews at CES 2023, the Guru of Geek, Marlo Anderson, sits down with Natalya Lopareva from Virtuosis to discuss their innovative approach to wellbeing technology, which is centered on voice analysis.

Voice Analysis: The New Gauge for Wellbeing

Virtuosis has developed a tool that accurately assesses levels of anxiety, stress, and even the risk of burnout through analyzing one’s voice during calls and meetings. Initially integrating with Microsoft Teams, it operates in the background to provide individuals with personal and confidential insights into their wellbeing.

Confidential and Personalized Insights

A highlight of this tool is its commitment to privacy — offering personal insights that are strictly confidential, while still allowing for the aggregate data to be shared with HRs and managers to understand the general well-being dynamics in a team, without breaching individual privacy.

Actionable Suggestions for a Healthier Mind

Beyond just identifying the problem, Virtuosis provides actionable suggestions to help individuals address the root causes of their stress and anxiety. Natalya shares that suggestions might include breathing exercises and insights into potential root causes, helping users to not only identify but also manage and reduce their stress and anxiety levels effectively.

A Bright Future with More Integrations

Starting with Microsoft Teams is just the beginning for Virtuosis. Future plans include integrations with platforms like Zoom and the possibility to analyze regular calls through API integrations. Natalya also mentions the existence of a standalone app where recordings can be uploaded for analysis, offering versatility in how the tool can be used.

Preventing Burnout through Increased Awareness

At the core of Virtuosis’ mission is the aim to foster awareness about one’s own mental state, encouraging proactive steps to prevent burnout before it’s too late. The tool serves as a beacon of self-awareness, promoting a healthier work and personal environment.

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