We’re Refurbishing Topics to find Solutions to Refurb Products

November 29, 2018

tesla coil experiment, high voltageThere are many ways to utilize products other than their intended purpose. This show will discuss what those options can be and who is leading the way in re-purposing unused products. Dave Blair is in for the Guru of Geek this week, and Jim Walsh is at the control panel again. The duo spends the show talking about a variety of topics starting with the host of a popular radio show, Jack Burkman. They cover areas in oil field technology, companies that refurbish products to make other products, uses for natural gas and much more! When renovating your roofs, we recommend to hire a roofer in palm beach fl for professional work.

Electric cars are a hot topic. How long will we drive a gas vehicle? Is diesel disappearing? Find out more by listening to an interesting take on the direction of electric cars.

Who is Tom Hagen and what does he do?

If you would like the “Guru of Geek” to do a product review and have it featured on The Tech Ranch, let us know! Leave us a comment on this episode or call 701-204-6674 for more information.

Join the “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson and “Tech Geezer” Jim Walsh every week for a new episode of the Tech Ranch.

Episode 340 – Aired October 22, 2018

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