WheelKeep Revolutionizes Bicycle Security: An Exclusive Insight from CES 2023

September 13, 2023

During the vibrant atmosphere at CES 2023, Marlo Anderson, the Guru of Geek, had a moment to discuss the persistent issue of bicycle theft and the groundbreaking solution presented by Illia Volkov, representing WheelKeep.

A Silent Guardian for Your Bicycle

Bicycle theft is a rampant issue worldwide, with a million incidents reported in America and double that in Europe annually. Existing solutions, such as conventional locks and visible trackers, have proven ineffective against determined thieves. That is where WheelKeep comes in with its invisible bicycle security system.

Designed to be installed inside the bike frame, this device connects to a mobile application, allowing the owner to receive real-time notifications and track their bicycle using GPS if someone attempts to steal it. Not only does it act as a deterrent, but it also aids in recovery, offering a layer of security that is substantially more robust and reliable than previous solutions.

Setting a New Standard in Bicycle Security

WheelKeep’s security system is designed to be a permanent fixture in the bicycle, requiring a special key for removal and featuring an additional fixation from the bottom. This system has already seen a small batch production in Ukraine, with plans to expand into the Netherlands and subsequently, the United States.

By integrating an almost unremovable system that instantly alerts the owner in case of theft attempts, WheelKeep offers bike owners peace of mind, knowing that their bicycle is guarded by a silent sentinel that is always vigilant, always watching.

Learn More about WheelKeep

For individuals eager to safeguard their bicycles with this next-generation security system, more information is available on the official WheelKeep website.

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