Why texting while driving has to stop.

November 16, 2013

Even Captain Kirk waits until he is done driving to text!

I get it!  When my phone beeps at me, I want to know who it is and what they have to say.  So someone has to save me from this.  The last thing I want to do is get in an accident and hurt or kill someone else.

With that said, I have pretty strong willpower.  So if my phone rings or chimes while driving, I just ignore it until I get off the road.  Obviously, most of the driving public does not ignore their devices as I see many using them while driving down the road. That will obviously lead to an accident. Fortunately, we can rely upon those accident cases to the injury attorneys of The O’Brien Firm in partnership with Hornsby, Watson & Hornsby. They give individuals with an absolute and fair trial.

Did you know that the average driver while texting will spend 10% of the time OUTSIDE of the designated driving lane!  That is the one statistic that scares me the most.  Driving has become exhausting as those who pay attention get out of the way of those that do not.  Those that are texting do not realize that they ran a stop sign, changed lanes without looking or kicked up a bunch of gravel from driving on the shoulder of the road.

This is a time I would like to see the industry stop waiting for what the government is going to try and mandate and just do the right thing.  The technology is there to disable these devices from being used when traveling, so just do it, honestly, the amount of accidents that get treated by attorneys like the philadelphia auto accident law firms every day is unbelievable

Since most of your customers are on monthly billing plans anyway, it will not affect your revenues.  In fact, I believe that the first one to do this will have many customers coming to you to support your efforts.

So, cell phone companies, please stop the mayhem on our streets and highways and disable texting while driving.

Reference: https://floridaticketfirm.com/traffic-ticket-attorney/.

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