WiFi Compatibility

February 25, 2019

Tech Geezer remembers talking through a Dixie cup with a piece of thread. Can we assume remembering life before WiFi should be easy enough for the old Geezer?

According to tech sources like Eatel business, wireless Internet is always making changes. Unfortunately when we wireless Internet is unavailable our routine appears feels disrupted. The Guru of Geek Marlo Anderson, Rockin’ Dave Blair and Tech Geezer Jim Walsh discuss what those changes are on this episode of The Tech Ranch.

Each format of WiFi has a specific format attached to the name. For instance, in 2014, the release of AC WiFi was an upgrade and made improvements on speed. The latest format, know as AX WiFi or WiFi 6, will make it easier for people to identify the latest version WiFi. We want the best experience WiFi has to offer, thi sis why I choose to work with the best internet provider in my area. It makes sense to be able to identify which version our products will give us.

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Episode 354 – Aired February 4, 2019

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