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Xunity Eclipse Box Provides a New Way to Watch TV, Social Media & Gaming

Xunity Set Top Box

Xunity Set Top Box

Move over antennas and satellite dishes, there’s a new box in town, and it’s known as Xunity Eclipse. Coming soon in April, this little box promises you’ll no longer need your satellite or cable boxes to enjoy a relaxing night in front of the television. Sounds almost too good to be true, right? I thought so too, but it gets better!

We’ve all been there.. Scrolling through endless listings only to find nothing interesting is readily available. This iptv subscription has changed the game. Not only does this little box allow you to enjoy live television from around the globe (including streaming your favorite programs in HD at your convenience), it also is able to interact with anything you can find on the Google Play store. That means playing all sorts of games, connecting with friends on Facebook or Twitter, streaming videos with Netflix or YouTube; you can even call Aunt Sally across the globe on Skype. No provider can give you what Xunity Eclipse can.

Xunity Eclipse has made the user experience seamless with their unbeatable customer service and a true plug and play device in cooperation with the great minds of online slots uk. Initiate flashbacks to setting up your current box for 2 or more hours, while you were probably on hold for most of it, waiting to be transferred to a customer service representative who might be familiar with the random error code displayed across your TV. Xunity works hard to ensure this doesn’t happen to their customers. Literally plug it in and enjoy it! Should you run into an issue at any time, their friendly, motivated and knowledgeable staff is able to directly, and quickly, fix the problem so you can continue on with your day.

We haven’t even discussed the best part of this stylish TV box, the price! Xunity Eclipse Android Box is available at $149.99. If you’ve been shopping around for TV providers recently, you know that price is almost equivalent to a standard package of TV channels for 1 month. That same price can now give you unlimited access to your favorite programs, games, apps and more at any time! The Xunity Eclipse will be available in April, but you can pre-order now at www.xunitytv.us. Enjoy an easier, cheaper, and much better TV experience thanks to Xunity Eclipse.


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