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Feb 09

Save money and time using Thermal Imaging with your Smart Device.

Thermal imaging has a wide variety of uses in your everyday life.  Check out the video to see how you can save money and time using thermal imaging with your iPhone or Android device.  This interview was recorded at CES January 2015 in Las Vegas, NV with Keith Metz-Porozni of Flir.

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Mar 12

These phone cases are strong, but don’t ask it to stop a bullet.

So I set myself back $50 for a case when I get my new phone.  This will protect your phone, the salesperson says.  Great, as I mumble to myself knowing it will last a month before I break it.  Yes, I am hard on my mobile devices.  With a travel schedule and work demands, my …

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Nov 18

How can augmented reality enhance your smart device?

Co-founder of Trigg-AR,  Candice Cunliffe, asks me while we are live on the Tech Ranch if I had downloaded the app.  Little did she know that I had and was blown away by Trigg-AR.  First, let me do my best to explain this amazing app. You already know what a QR Reader can do on your …

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