USA Government to Mandate Anti-Drunk Driving Technology.

November 11, 2021
Image is from presentation at National Autonomous Vehicle Day

While the initiative is worthwhile, is it even possible to make this happen within 5 years? Maybe the bigger question is that everyone who drives will have to be treated like a criminal until proven otherwise. Since this is now the norm at airports where everyone is scanned before flying, the public will be ok […]

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From the prospective of a 7th Grader

We hear on the news all the time how the pandemic is impacting education. Instead of just talking about it, I thought it would be interesting to chat with an actual student who experienced it first hand. Logan talks about how the education model changed after pandemic protocols went into place. He also is candid […]

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CES 2021 – The All Digital Experience

December 18, 2020
CES Logo

CES 2021 is right around the corner. Although, this year, it appears that things are going to be looking a whole lot different. As health concerns surrounding Covid-19 continue to grow on a global scale, it has become clear to the organizers of CES that it will not be safe to host the almost 200,000 […]

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AI, Identity Theft, Solar Farms, and Recycling

September 10, 2019

Guest Host Rockin’ Dave Blair and Producer Extraordinaire Jim Walsh take you on a winding road. The conversation starts with Dave and Jim chatting about Artificial Intelligence. Next up is Paul Ferron with LibertyID. He joins in to discuss how to survive being a victim of identity theft. Identity theft restoration is a process you […]

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The “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson is back in the studio with “Tech Geezer” Jim Walsh. After weeks of buildup towards the 50th anniversary of the moon landing it’s finally here. When people hear NASA, they are quick to think of trips to space and space shuttles, but many do not know about the plethora […]

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Rockin’ Dave Blair is in the saddle today with “Tech Geezer” Jim Walsh. Dave brought with him a mixed bag of guests. Listen in to hear from leaders in the manufacturing, cybersecurity, and cement industries. We are in such an era where mobile Applications allow us to do almost everything online. Just like Digital WarRoom […]

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Have you ever thought about what it would be like growing up surrounded by technology or the opposite for our younger listeners? “The Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson and “Tech Geezer” Jim Walsh are joined by Aaron Riopelle, a high school senior.  Together, Marlo, Jim, and Aaron are exploring the generational tech divide on today’s […]

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Do you wish you would have invested in Apple, Google, or another billion dollar company before they hit it big? Well, so did we, but it’s safe to say that ship has sailed. Lucky for you the world of technology is bringing a whole new armada of opportunities! The Guru of Geek Marlo Anderson and […]

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