The Unrealized Potential of Phonebloks

December 2, 2022

With a whopping value of around 400 billion dollars, the smartphone industry has never been as ubiquitous as it is now. Who would have thought that the little device known as the iPhone would end up changing the world in such a seismic manner? When it was introduced, the iPhone was perceived as nothing more […]

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The Failure of Ouya

November 23, 2022

There have been many monoliths in the world of gaming, especially in the world of hardware development. One can’t go through the history of video games without giving credit to the likes of Nintendo and Sega, true pioneers of the industry. In the same breath, today’s console-making juggernauts like Sony and Microsoft, who had branched […]

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The Failure of Quibi

November 15, 2022

In today’s world of consuming media content, we as a society have thrived at an on-demand setting. The days of flicking on your remote to find something good to watch are now fading away. Instead, we have become the masters of our own time and no longer are we slaves to the channels telling us […]

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Can Ocean Currents Save the Energy Crisis?

November 1, 2022

STEVE We were talking a little bit about politics and I’d mentioned the shortage of diesel fuel, because according to national stores we’re down to 21, 22 days of supply left.  MARLO Yeah.  STEVE Because of what’s been going on with the strategic reserve and all kinds of stuff, and it’s a little daunting because […]

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