Marlo Anderson

Marlo Anderson, the visionary entrepreneur and tech enthusiast, is the driving force behind “The Tech Ranch” radio talk show. As the “Guru of Geek,” he’s a frequent contributor to regional and national news stories in the technology space, sharing insights on the latest tech trends and innovations. His expertise has led him to collaborate with industry giants like Microsoft, Delphi, Volvo, and more, making him a sought-after expert on autonomous vehicles.

With a track record of founding successful businesses like Awesome 2 Productions and Zoovio, Marlo is always on the cutting edge of technology. His National Day Calendar, featuring nearly 400 new National Days, has become a celebrated movement, captivating audiences worldwide. He is also a co-host on the upcoming tv-show and podcast “destination celebration”, which is based on National Day Calender and explored the fun and facts behind the National Days we all love!

But Marlo’s passion extends beyond tech and business. He’s deeply committed to combating climate change and is involved in an innovative project with NASA, working on cutting-edge solutions to reduce carbon emissions and create a sustainable future.

As a speaker, Marlo has shared his insights on tech and his motto “Celebrate Every Day!” at TEDx events and various conferences. Additionally, he actively engages with the community, serving on several boards and contributing to initiatives like the 1 Million Cups chapter and the DisruptWell Summit.

When he’s not exploring the tech landscape or creating new National Days, you can find Marlo connecting with people in coffee shops around the world or speaking to groups of all sizes. Join him on his Tech Ranch website for the latest in tech innovations, fascinating interviews, and updates on his journey to build a greener and more tech-driven future

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