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Back Up Back Up Back Up … so listen for the beep beep beep

August 12, 2014

On this episode of the Tech Ranch In studio Guest Nick Ressler of Awesome 2 Products ( in Mandan, ND discusses the various options for backing up computers.  Producer Jim Walsh and the “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson also participate. Back up options for your photos and videos. Back up options for video tape like […]


Is Target really to blame for the recent theft of Credit Card information? E-Cigarettes, Website Marketing, Dragonfly drones and much more on the Tech Ranch.

December 23, 2013

In-studio guest Nick Ressler, co-founder of Awesome 2 Products and Zoovio, Inc. (, discuss the implications of the recent security breach with Target.  The Tech Ranch’s Producer Jim Walsh and the “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson try to determine who is to blame for the security breach. E-Cigarettes are becoming increasing popular.  The discussion leads […]


Create your own Digital Signage on the Cheap!

December 20, 2013

You see them all over in businesses, stadiums and even menu boards.  Digital signs are everywhere and setting them up can be expensive.  But do you really have to hire someone or a digital sign firm to get this done.  Well, the answer is you can do it yourself for a fraction of the price. […]