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Your Privacy Matters with Santor

February 16, 2022

Marlo: Standing next to me is Alexander with Santor. Now these guys have a solution to maybe a lot of the security challenges that we have nowadays, right, especially with Google and your Alexa device in your house because they’re always on right? Isn’t that right? Alexandre: Exactly. Well, if you start thinking before, there […]


Stay Safe from Germs With Soapy

February 15, 2022

Marlo: Taking care of your hands, sanitizing your hands have become a big deal in the last couple years. It’s always been a big deal. But of course, it’s front and center nowadays. So Max, right over here has a solution that really, especially with children, right,  but let’s talk about your innovation and tell […]


Find your Zodiac Constellation with Vaionis Telescopes

February 14, 2022

Marlo: One of the problems I always have, I love looking at the stars, but using a telescope can be kind of a challenge, you know, looking through the eyepiece, trying to find the location of stars, Cyril of Vaionis has actually come up with a very, very interesting telescope. So tell us about it. […]


Play Games Hands Free With This New Smart Device!

February 11, 2022

Marlo: I am standing next to Aryeh, the happy pirate!  Arrr! I love that. So, Six Degrees!  They got some exciting innovations helping with disabilities. So, tell us a little bit about it. Aryeh: So, we created Six Degrees, it’s a learning algorithm that tries to adapt and understand what a person is doing. Once […]


3D Printing is Amazing Again! CES 2022 Update

January 17, 2022

Marlo Anderson (00:04) 3D printing. It’s amazing what has gone on in this industry in the last couple of years. A lot of people call it adaptive printing. I have Jeff Boehm with Formlabs next to me here. Jeff, thanks for being with us today. Jeff Boehm (00:15) Thank you. Pleasure to be here. Marlo […]

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