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Aveine Wine Aerator Makes Perfectly Aerated Wine Immediately

March 1, 2019

Aveine’s patented technology makes pouring the perfect glass of wine a simple pleasure. Everyone from the novice connoisseur to the seasoned connoisseur will enjoy wine drinking on a new level. As most wine lovers know, proper aeration is the key to enjoying the tasting notes wine has to offer. The Aveine Smart Wine Aerator puts […]


Selfly Phone Case Turns Your Camera into a Drone

February 28, 2019

Like thе advent оf thе personal соmрutеr, live саm chat hаѕ revolutionized thе communication channels people uѕе. Live саm chat hаѕ bесоmе a simple аnd reliable mode оf communication fоr mаnу businesses аnd people. Wіth thе development оf high-speed internet, live саm chat hаѕ grown еvеr mоrе popular. Online businesses hаvе begun tо notice thе […]


Mastrad Meat It Smart Thermometer

February 27, 2019

Mastrad’s Meat It Smart cooking thermometer is a CES Innovation Award honoree in the Smart Home Product Category for a reason! This revolutionary device has a wireless design and integration with any smart device. Thankfully, allowing you to spend more time with your guests and less guesswork on your meal. Installation is easy for the […]


Coral Manta Drowning Alert Device

February 27, 2019

Coral Manta Drowning Alert Device pays tribute to two pool drowning victims (Coral and Manta) by significantly reducing every parent’s nightmare from becoming a reality. Anytime someone enters the pool, an alert is sent to your phone with real-time updates and pictures. Most traditional safety measures fail because they are deactivated or the barrier is […]


Notes from CES

February 25, 2019

Do you wondered what 2.9 million square feet looks like? Or, how 2.9 million square feet feels when walking through seeing the latest electronics in the world at every angle? The Guru of Geek Marlo Anderson knows exactly what it feels like to experience the coolest electronics know to mankind. CES 2019 was not a […]


Neofect’s RAPAEL Smart Glove Offers Innovative Rehabilitation for Stroke Victims

February 12, 2019

Neofect is a medical technology company, that offers wearable devices and software for the rehabilitation of stroke and paralysis victims. Some stroke victims need home care from The road to recovery can be arduous with repetitive occupational therapies, and RAPAEL offers interactive, gamified solutions to this rehabilitative monotony. This glove increases the likelihood of […]


Forpheus, the Ping Pong Robot takes on Marlo Anderson, the Guru of Geek

February 11, 2019

Matt Trowbridge, VP of Marketing for OMRON, explains the concept behind their latest creation, a ping pong playing robot called Forpheus. Matt highlights the fun and useful ways to use automation technology. He says at its core, Forpheus employs AI technology to read, track and measure the skill of its opponent by sizing up the […]


Startup Space Networking App

February 9, 2019

This platform provides startups with all the resources they need to build their business to attract more customers. If you want the best experience for your customers then you should definitely learn how to make a bot. Create a simple profile and you have access to a team of 15 who can help you find […]


DeamOn Wearable Sleep Aid

February 7, 2019

DreamOn has a solution for those suffering from simple insomnia or the inability to fall asleep quickly. This wearable device produces a sonic resonance that entrains your mind to “count sheep” or in other words focus on a simple, soothing pulse. A Bluetooth app will also track your sleep patterns and evaluate the number of […]

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