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Pain Care Labs Offers Non-Opioid Solutions to Pain Relief with VibraCool

March 28, 2019

Pain Care Labs has developed a device known as the VibraCool. This revolutionary device uses external neuromodulation to change the way that the brain and nervous system transmit pain signals. VibraCool uses vibration and temperature to effectively block pain. By doing this, the need for opioid pain medication from decreases and becomes more about […]


Super 3D Plus Printing Offers Full-Color Powder Bed 3D Printing

March 15, 2019

The Super 3D Plus Printing creates over 6 million colors. Using only cyan, magenta, yellow, black and clear, this printer works similar to your 2D inkjet color printer. Amazingly, the 3D Plus printer uses powder bed technology for the finest detailed results. As a result the 3D printer offers both gypsum and ceramic options through […]


Drone Technology is On Display

March 15, 2019

Drones now impact the world at an astonishing rate because of the many uses that can be given to them such as the use of aerial drone photography. Most noteworthy, drones are everything from minis that fit in your hand to flying vehicle style drones that humans can ride, we know drones are here to […]


Hover Surf Debuts the World’s First Electric Quadcopter

March 11, 2019

Hover Surf founder Alex Atamanov says his prototype invention came to life from the desire to develop a flying, quad engine motorcycle. Driven by the dream to fly, Alex spent four years on this current model. Today, Special Forces are conducting testing on the flying motorcycle before releasing it to consumers. Through this testing, Special […]


Bartesian Provides Premium Cocktails on Demand

March 8, 2019

Bartesian is the ultimate cocktail product for in-home use! This amazing unit houses separate reservoirs for your favorite spirits, along with water to activate the pod-based mixers. Simply select the cocktail of choice, insert the corresponding pod, and set the preferred strength from light. Whether you like regular or strong cocktails, the Bartesian mixes the […]


Jack Rabbit Electric Bike

March 6, 2019

Fully rechargeable and under 20 lbs, the Jack Rabbit Electric Bike bridges the gap between large, heavier electric bikes and smaller scooters. The Jack Rabbit Electric Bike has many features that appeal to bike lovers and enthusiasts. The bike comes complete with an easily adjustable seat and comfortable footrests. Surprisingly, it accommodates anyone who is […]


Voltbox: Customizable, Clutter-Free Charging System at CES 2019

March 5, 2019

The Voltbox charging unit is the ultimate solution for the cord clutter in your home or work place. By using Voltbox, users are able to consolidate separate charging units into one location. As an added bonus, the Voltbox charging unit has the capability of handling four separate devices. Users also have the ability to mix […]


Firewalla Provides Firewall Protection for Home Computers and Small Business Networks

March 4, 2019

Most small businesses or home computer users do not invest in a cumbersome firewall. However, everyone should know what is coming to and from their own router. The app named Firewalla is helping monitor Internet by providing effective firewall protection. And did you know that you can monitor employees working from home and see what […]


CHICexec’s Kristen Wessel and Lydia Vargo Give Their Take on CES 2019

March 1, 2019

Kristen Wessel and Lydia Vargo of CHICexec are veterans of CES and this year they are pleased to see more of the things they both love. Tops picks include beauty and home technology products, as well as devices designed to promote optimal health. As a mom, Lydia was pleasantly surprised by the number of products […]


So Many Questions and 1 Hour to Answer Them

November 30, 2018

We have so many questions about technology as our knowledge advances. The Guru of Geek Marlo Anderson, Rockin’ Dave Blair and Tech Geezer Jim Walsh spend the show trying to find answers to their own questions. There are so many things to find answers to, the trio just rolls with it! How close are we […]

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