Polly.AI: The Unbiased AI Solution Transforming Market Research and Journalism


Analyzing conversations, demographics, and sentiment at the speed of light

Imagine having an AI tool capable of analyzing millions of online conversations to provide meaningful insights, demographic data, and sentiment analysis at lightning speed. Enter Polly.AI, an innovative AI developed by Advanced Symbolics Inc., which promises to revolutionize market research and journalism.

In a recent interview, Erin Kelly from Advanced Symbolics Inc. spoke to the Guru of Geek, Marlo Anderson, about how Polly.AI can provide invaluable data to journalists and consultants alike. The AI can sift through numerous conversations, extracting only the most insightful and meaningful content. Unlike human analysts, Polly.AI is completely unbiased, as it is not influenced by any political or personal motivations.

To illustrate the power of Polly.AI, Kelly ran an impromptu analysis during the interview to answer the seemingly trivial question: “Do people even own Bobbleheads anymore?” Within moments, Polly.AI not only identified two unique conversations about Bobbleheads but also provided a full demographic breakdown.

Erin Kelly & Marlo Anderson

According to the AI, Bobblehead enthusiasts tend to be males aged 25 and younger, primarily residing in the East North Central, Mid-Atlantic, and New England regions of the US. Additionally, the sentiment analysis revealed that those who engaged in conversations about Bobbleheads had a very positive attitude towards them.

The ability to quickly gather such detailed information has massive implications for both market research and journalism. Businesses can now access critical data without spending exorbitant sums on traditional research methods. Journalists can verify stories or gather data on public opinions in real-time, leading to more accurate reporting.

Polly.AI’s unbiased and data-driven approach to analysis has the potential to transform industries, saving time, money, and ensuring more accurate insights. To learn more about this groundbreaking AI, visit askpolly.ai.

Don’t miss out on the next big thing in AI-driven research and journalism. This is your Guru of Geek, Marlo Anderson, signing off from CES 2023.

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