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Super 3D Plus Printing Offers Full-Color Powder Bed 3D Printing

March 15, 2019

The Super 3D Plus Printing creates over 6 million colors. Using only cyan, magenta, yellow, black and clear, this printer works similar to your 2D inkjet color printer. Amazingly, the 3D Plus printer uses powder bed technology for the finest detailed results. As a result the 3D printer offers both gypsum and ceramic options through […]


The Unlimited Future Potential of Drones

November 28, 2018

Most people think of drones as another hobby. However, to people like the Guru of Geek Marlo Anderson, drones are more than that. Drones present a future of unlimited possibilities. The delivery of goods and services, emergency medical delivery of organs and monitoring of conservation sites are a few services society will see in the […]


Drone Rodeo 2018 – CES January 9-12

January 9, 2018

Today is the day the “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson is in technology heaven. For the past 15 years, the Guru of Geek has walked the convention centers in Las Vegas while in attendance at CES (Consumer Electronic Show)! This year, CES 2018 is bound to once again showcase amazing technology advancements created by the world’s […]