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What does the future hold for 3D Printing?

August 10, 2014

On this episode of the Tech Ranch In studio Guest Cat McClintock provides an in depth discussion on 3D Printing.  Topics include: Parts Replacement, current advances in medical uses and what the future holds for 3D Printing. Ken Sanders from the Volt Report reports on how an Autonomous Vehicle is moving people on a college […]


Picking an ISP, Aurbee and the latest in tech news on this episode of the Tech Ranch.

June 26, 2014

On this episode of the Tech Ranch In-studio guest Phillip Randash, Telecomunications and Networking Consultant at r2d2 consulting,  discusses how to choose the best ISP for your home or work situation. Discussion about Aurbee, Arduino compatible wireless micro-controller Ken Sanders with the Volt Report,,with the latest in tech news Broadcast Date June 23, 2014   Episode 132


Floating Cars, the Spider Drone, CrowdFunding and Keeping your Cables organized.

June 17, 2014

On this episode of the Tech Ranch Co-founder of the Cable Keeper, Keenan Hauff, talks about keeping your cables organized.  For more information on the Cable Keeper, check out the Kickstarter campaign here. Kickstarter or Indiegogo, which crowdfunding site is the best for your project. Keenan Hauff share some tips about video and the amazing […]


Self replicating 3D printers, no steering wheel in new Google car, Bitcoin and SEO.

June 2, 2014

On this episode of the Tech Ranch Jim Walsh, and the “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson chat about the new Google car and self replicating 3D Printers.. CEO of,  Michael Kleinman, discusses bitcoin and how it is changing changing the way some merchants accept payment. Author and Co-Founder at Social Influence University, Janna Hoiberg […]


Server Meltdown at HBO Go, the Dakota Film Festival and Tech News

April 13, 2014

On this Episode of the Tech Ranch Guest Host Marv Dorner (BeLoud Entertainment) chats about the popularity of HBO Go CEO of, Jan Pluto, is working on his vision on Social Media. The Dakota Film Festival. The latest in technology news with Ken Sanders at The Volt Report. Broadcast Date April 6, 2014   […]


Protecting yourself from Windows XP users plus Deep Ocean Current Energy

March 31, 2014

Highlights from this edition of the Tech Ranch You may not be using Windows XP anymore, but many businesses still are.  Nick Ressler from Team A2P ( informs us on what businesses are behind in updating their operating systems and how this will affect you. Ken Sanders from the Volt Report ( shares a fascinating […]


Bye Bye XP – So you want to 3D Print – Lawnmowers that fuel themselves.

February 25, 2014

Highlights of this broadcast of the Tech Ranch Resident Expert Nick Ressler from Awesome 2 Products,,  talks about what happens when Microsoft stops support for Windows XP Review of hosting service provider,  Use coupon code – couponsareawesome5 – to receive an additional $5 off. George Zeledon-Castillo from discusses what it takes to start printing 3D […]


Ham it up with HAM Radio, the Internet of Things and another Star Trek Medical Device.

February 17, 2014

Highlights of this Tech Ranch In studio guest Lorne Campbell discusses the resurgent of HAM radio and it’s history A review of  Brainwash:  Mind Control – the Break Up of Romeo and Juliet. A review of The Internet of Things (IOT) with Bob Cole, president of World Wide Stereo. A new medical device […]


CES 2014 wrap up and the Affiliate Summit.

January 13, 2014

On this edition of the Tech Ranch broadcast from the Affiliate Summit at Las Vegas, NV Nano technology may replace chemo therapy for cancer treatments. What is the Affiliate Summit and how it affects all of us. Autonomous Vehicles Wearable Tech New services and hardware to back up your life Other exciting finds at CES […]

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