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Our list of Usable Websites. Save Time and Money with this List!

July 19, 2015

On this episode of the Tech Ranch The fly-by of Pluto. A review of Roampod, a mesh network product for your Cell Phone when you are away from service. Our most usable websites.  Included in this list is Evernote, Canva, Pixlr, Ninite, iRuler, etc. Miss Metaverse Katie Aquino joins in on the website conversation.  Her sites […]


No Wi-Fi? No Cell Coverage? No Worries with Roampod.

July 13, 2015

One porpoise appears, then 2, then 3.  Soon, many porpoises are frolicking along the ship you are on with your family.  You know other family members would like to see this as well so you reach for your mobile device.  It is then you discover you have no cell service on the cruise ship.  OK, […]