Transformative Plant-Based Ingredients with Myco

Alan Hahn with Marlo Anderson at CES 2022

Marlo: So what kind of crazy things can you do with mushrooms? Now, I’m not talking about the psychedelic ones here I’m talking about what’s possible in the food realm. So Alan, with Myco has joined us today, Ellen, what you guys are doing is incredible. Absolutely incredible. And I know I’ve teased people a little bit already here. So tell me a little bit about what you guys are doing,

Alan: you know, what we’re doing is very different. And what we’re doing is we’ve created a food processing platform that allows us to remove bad tasting things in plant based ingredients. through fermentation, what we’ve do is use a very complex organism, the root system of mushrooms, and it looks like we’re brewing beer stainless steel tanks to the ceiling, and we put different plant based ingredients in. And instead of adding a bunch of sugar, salt, and fat, to cover a bad taste, we ferment those problems away. And it allows us to make better for you products. So we take things like pea and rice protein, you mix them together. And you do that because there’s different amino acids in each one. Because you’re what you want to get is what’s called a complete protein. We are a b2b company. So we make an ingredient. And we work with other big food companies to sell them an ingredient that they can make things like plant based meats, plant based dairy, so you think about cheeses, and yogurts, and milks and burgers and chicken, but all from plant base, no meat products.

Marlo: So what do you see on the horizon with this technology?

Alan: You know, where I see this going is we will sometime this coming year, have a new product out that instead of improving pea and rice protein through this fermentation, we will be able to grow the mushroom biomass, which is the root system of the mushrooms as a complete protein. And we’re really excited about it. It’s it’s, it’s kind of the holy grail of what we’ve been working on is how to get to that point where we have a highly sustainable form of protein that can be produced in about seven days. So a cow takes a little longer than seven days. You can produce this in a week, by the way,

Marlo: Where’s my chili?

Alan: Chili is hot and ready to go! Not only do we have the chili, but we have our plant based cheese to go with it.

Marlo: Go check that out as well. At CES 2022 This is your “Guru of Geek: Marlo Anderson.

CEO, Alan Hahn explains to our “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson the magic of mushrooms with Myco Technology.

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