Looking for KickStarter products? Check out Smart Shop Tech.

Bluetooth Speaker Light

I love gadgets!  Let me say that again, I love gadgets.  Of course, the cooler they are, the quicker I acquire them.  One of the challenges for someone like me is discovering cool gadgets.  Well, I have found that place online.

Based in Los Angeles, www.SmartShopTech.com has an amazing array of some of the coolest gadgets on earth.  Need home security, they got it.  Need wireless speakers throughout the house, they got it.  Of course, to be uber cool, they carry an amazing selection of KickStarter products as well.

To top it off, they have designed packages to help you make your home “smart”.  Smart homes can lock and unlock doors, control the environment and activate lights and household appliances.  Again, uber cool!

So stop by www.SmartShopTech.com and browse their store.  Of course, it costs nothing to look and at the very least, you will be educated on some of the latest tech available.


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