Dec 09

Printing houses, accounting with your iPad, whats next for Google TV, apps for the holiday season and much more on this edition of the Tech Ranch.

Home 3D Printer

Google TV is going to get a face lift.  Will this affect the way we watch TV?

We will also review a new accounting app called WorkBox (  Founder Bob Glass gives some great examples of how this new app will make accounting chores easier and organized.

Founder of Fresh Revenues (, Don Farell, visits with the”Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson along with the Tech Geezer on how improving customer service can improve revenues.

Ken Sanders from the Volt Report ( goes over how 3D Printers may be creating the homes we occupy in the very near future.

Also, a review of apps that can make your holidays a little easier.

Broadcast Date Dec 9, 2012  Episode 102

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