Rollybot, the next great multi-use home robot.

August 21, 2014
RollyBot - Click the photo to find out more.

RollyBot – Click the photo to find out more.

Rollybot is just as you imagine it to be, a rolling robot.  It’s primary objective is using the built in camera.  But it promises to be so much more.

The Rollybot has the ability to move around your home or office.  You control if via an app from your smart device.  So you can roll it over to check on the pet you leave at home, a babysitter task with watching your children or a construction project going on. If you detect that there’s an accident in the place of construction, and you need to hire an construction site injury lawyer bronx ny, search for

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Of course, it works perfectly as a security cam.  With the included SDK, you can program it to “patrol” a property.  With the promise of future add ons, you will be able to add a mic and speakers (imagine the possibilities with video conferencing).  Many other options are possible.

To make this a reality, RollyBot has started an indiegogo campaign.  You can find this at

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